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You must read this before applying for the program:


So here's another chance to make 2018 your best year yet, for you, and your family. This program is for those ladies who are sick and tired of jumping from program to program yet learning nothing along the way resulting in you being left totally frustrated and unhappy. But you must fit the following criteria to apply:

  • Looking to lose 10 or even 20 Lbs of unwanted body fat
  • Want to add lean, toned, and firm muscle quickly
  • Can dedicate 60 minutes 3 x per week to train in a small group environment
  • Are willing to listen and apply our coaching techniques which will change your life (know-it-all's need not apply)
  • Don't mind getting your hands dirty and working hard
  • Can afford to invest £99 per month in yourself

What Do You Get If You Get If You Sign Up?..

  • 1

    Fun Small Group Training

    You can choose any 3 classes per week to work out in our female only bootcamp classes. The program is based in the only double award winning gym in Leicester (The Warehouse Gym - LE5 0HJ). Training is a mixture of HITT, Strength based training and group games.

  • 2

    FREE Membership To The Gym Worth £36 PCM

    As well as unlimited access to all of the bootcamp classes we run you'll also get full membership in the gym for FREE, for as long as you are a member of The Warehouse Gym Bootcamp.

  • 3

    Access To Our Nutrition System

    You'll also get FULL access to our nutrition system with over 900 recipes where we'll tell you exactly what to eat, how much you need, and we'll even produce the recipes. I mean we'll even produce the shopping lists for you as well. And on top of that we even include Nandos, Subway, Chocolate, Wine and Crisps whilst still guaranteeing you to lose weight.

  • 4

    Access To Our Heart Rate Monitor System Worth £147

    We turn every workout into a game so that your training is always progressive, and fun because we get that training can sometime become a chore. Well not over here...

  • 5

    Coffee Mornings & Socials

    Coffee mornings where you can meet new friends, socialise and have a laugh pre-training session. And you'll also get invited to our social events where we get away from the training and do something fun.

  • 6

    No Contracts, No Tie Ins And No Small Print

    There's virtually no commitment required from you at all. Once on board you can leave at any moment so you don't have to be worried about committing to any long term program.

Still Unsure? ... Here's Some F.A.Q's That May Help You Decide. 

  • Q. I Haven’t Done Any Kind Of Fitness For 4-5 Years Now So I’m Super Unfit, Will The Program Still Be Suitable?

    A.TOTALLY ! So our program is designed for all fitness levels.

    We’ve taken into account that some may not have trained for a while so we design our workout’s on a time basis and we start with the real simple exercises first and work our way up as the program progresses.

    Our aim is to take you from being out of shape, lacking confidence and feeling unhappy with your appearance, to a leaner, fitter and stronger version of you.


  • Q.I Have Tried Lots Of Diets Previously But I Always Feel Disconnected To The Kids Having To Eat Seperate Meals. Is There Anyway Of Avoiding This But Still Managing To Get Results?

    A.Yep so this is something that actually crops up time and time again with the women we work with. And because of this, we created our very own nutrition database that actually allows you to cook for the family and eat with them so that feel of disconnection is a thing of the past.

    What alot of our clients realise is that they actually save a TONNE of money from not having to buy separate foods.

    So all of our meals are family friendly and literally take 10-15 minutes to cook. The easier you find your food the more likely you are to stick to that plan.

  • Q.I'm Really Scared Of What Others Will Think Of Me And How They Will Judge Me For Being So Big.

    A.Ok i get it, and that’s why all of our training is done in an all female environment.

    You will be surrounded by other females who are in exactly the same bout as you physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • Q.I Have 3 Kids & A Hectic Lifestyle Do Your Training Sessions Accommodate This?

    A.Yep! So we get that you have busy lives with work, partners and children so our class system is super flexible. You can attend any  sessions you wish and these do not need to be the same sessions each week. You literally can mix and match to suit your lifestyle.

    Current timings are;

    MONDAY – 18:30
    MONDAY – 19:30

    TUESDAY – 10:00

    WEDNESDAY – 17:30
    WEDNESDAY – 18:30

    FRIDAY – 10:00

    SATURDAY – 08:00


    (More classes will be added January 2019)

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you